Sex Offenders

The following persons have been convicted of sexually based offenses and, under Tennessee law, are required to register as sex offenders. The Scott County Sheriff's Department provides this list of registered sex offenders residing in Scott County for informational purposes only. Information from the list should not be used to harass or threaten offenders or members of their families. Doing so is illegal.

Please note that while efforts are made to keep this list current using information provided by the offenders to the Scott County Sheriff's Department for sex offender registration purposes, the possibility exists that an offender may have moved from the residence listed here.

For a complete list of sex offenders in Tennessee, search the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's Sex Offender Registry.

John Henry Acres 01/13/1980 1011 Smith Road, Oneida Link
Keith Harold Adams 06/03/1936 575 Scott High Drive, Huntsville Link
Anthony Keith Aleshire 12/06/1962 145 Natural Bridge Road, Huntsville Link
Clyde Anderson 03/04/1950 421 Johnson Lane, Pioneer Link
Roger Dale Baker 08/05/1977 1958 Ditney Trail, Huntsville Link
Arvil Lee Bell 10/02/1977 871 Big Springs Road, Oneida Link
Albert Diance Blevins 04/28/1961 795 Ross Cemetery Road Link
James Anthony Botts 08/23/1963 460 Old Brimstone Road Link
Danny Lee Bowling 03/21/1973 4406 Paint Rock Road, Oneida Link
Claude Elmer Branim 08/29/1968 800 West Robbins Road, Robbins Link
Robert Charles Brewster 11/10/1982 1994 Huntsville Hill Road, Huntsville Link
Jamie Shawn Brown 11/26/1977 692 Baker Highway, Huntsville Link
Christopher William Burke 11/15/1976 1505 Pistol Lane, Oneida Link
Jimmy Butler 03/01/1956 238 Goodman Lane, Helenwood Link
Roger Dean Byrd 04/21/1963 137 Oak Hill Lane, Pioneer Link
James Adam Chambers 07/16/1984 1785 Leatherwood Road, Oneida Link
Jariot Wade Chambers 04/30/1986 2055 Huntsville Hill Road, Helenwood Link
Jay Homer Chambers 03/30/1963 500 Simpson Lane, Helenwood Link
Thaddeus Kenneth Chambers 08/19/1978 1271 Pine Creek Road, Oneida Link
George Randell Clark 12/03/1971 427 Newport Trail, Helenwood Link
Jeffrey Scott Clayborn 04/19/1979 PO Box 121 Scott County Jail Link
Bruce Gordon Cochran 06/30/1958 989 Rockhouse Road, Pioneer Link
Curtis Crabtree 07/05/1953 4099 Helenwood Detour Road, Oneida Link
James Marley Crabtree 09/12/1967 979 Big Springs Road, Oneida Link
Joshua Tyrell Cross 06/14/1988 369 Clifty Creek Road, Winfield Link
David H. Daugherty 05/22/1971 160 Daugherty Lane, Huntsville Link
Ronald Dean Daugherty 07/08/1966 355 Concord Lane West Link
Michael Paul Davidson 04/09/1960 206 Patterson Lane, Helenwood Link
Michael Brian Day 09/22/1980 3897 Rugby Highway, Robbins Link
Sheldon Ray Dobbs 02/17/1970 980 Old Buffalo Road, Oneida Link
David Ray Duncan 10/21/1979 548 Mill Branch Road, Huntsville Link
Eugene Duncan 07/01/1967 2732 Cherry Fork Road, Helenwood Link
Matthew James Evans 09/16/1974 229 Wilson Hollow Road, Winfield Link
Leldon Kenneth Fletcher 12/07/1953 142 Brick Yard Road, Robbins Link
Willard Junior Foster 01/24/1962 429 Voiles Lane, Robbins Link
Timmy Dewayne Gibson 12/14/1969 5040 Rugby Highway, Robbins Link
Curtis Earl Goodman 04/29/1957 204 Mill Branch Road, Huntsville Link
James Rodney Griffith 12/06/1965 1493 Kingtown Road Link
Cecil Dewight Grissom 01/02/1989 183 Court Drive, Oneida Link
Michael Eugene Gross 06/19/1975 824 Shephard Road, Oneida Link
Jerry Anthony Hall 03/21/1965 287 Stanley Street, Oneida Link
Scott Eugene Hamby 01/12/1968 321 Woodward Lane, Helenwood Link
Everett Hamlin 09/03/1965 107 Bowling Road, Huntsville Link
Eddie Ray Harness 06/01/1962 270 Beaver Lane, Oneida Link
Anthony Lee Hill 04/24/1971 585 Big Springs Road, Oneida Link
Christopher Daniel Hixson 04/25/1971 399 Ross Lane, Winfield Link
Dean Willy Hunt 01/02/1973 193 Denzil Lane, Oneida Link
Christopher Jeffers 03/31/1981 215 Isham Road West, Winfield Link
Ronald Lee Johnson 09/02/1959 131 Duncan Lane, Oneida Link
Michael Shane Keeton 12/11/1973 630 Airport Road, Oneida Link
George Harold Lackey 08/14/1976 1326 Old Jamestown Road, Helenwood Link
Darrell Shane Lawson 02/10/1972 272 Buffalo Church Road, Huntsville Link
Teddy Junior Lewis 11/23/1968 959 Letner Road, Helenwood Link
Alfred Herman Lindsey 08/29/1970 1061 Ditney Trail, Pioneer Link
Clarence Wayne Lowe 12/21/1962 111 Norma Church Road, Huntsville Link
Donnie Dean Lowe 03/16/1976 412 Mudd Street, Helenwood Link
Dusty Lowe 09/24/1980 4651 Phillips Flats Road, Oneida Link
Ryan Keith Lowe 08/17/1978 4654 Ditney Trail, Huntsville Link
Keith Earnest Maney 09/22/1959 581 Mt. View Road, Robbins Link
Bobby Wallace McCoy 04/03/1972 791 Ross Lane, Winfield Link
Tommy Lee Messmear 05/06/1961 4585 Paint Rock Road, Oneida Link
Kimberly Ann Miskovic 11/12/1966 421 Mt. View Road, Robbins Link
Tony Dewayne Myers 06/12/1972 229 Green Meadows Road, Winfield Link
Timothy Nash 01/25/1978 169 Oral Drive, Helenwood Link
Dallas Newport 02/16/1952 2457 Sugar Grove Road, Pioneer Link
Sean Patrick Oliver 04/26/1966 408 Cherokee Drive, Helenwood Link
Daniel Lee Phillips 12/08/1959 143 Sky View Drive, Helenwood Link
Elmer Lee Phillips 11/17/1954 540 Simpson Road, Helenwood Link
Jack Daniel Phillips 03/30/1988 1230 Litton Covered Bridge Road, Huntsville Link
Lester Phillips 06/16/1960 215 Cross Street, Oneida Link
Luther Phillips 09/03/1946 6503 Paint Rock Road Link
Michael Dewayne Phillips 04/20/1980 169 Keeton Lane, Oneida Link
Monte Warren Phipps 04/17/1983 310 Pleasant Valley Lane, Oneida Link
Omer Harrison Preston 04/23/1950 205 Coal Hill Road, Sunbright Link
James Kermit Robbins 03/01/1945 139 York Drive, Robbins Link
Donald Lee Sexton 05/05/1976 1294 Fed Phillips Road, Oneida Link
Roger Lamar Sexton 07/03/1953 1504 River Road, Huntsville Link
Floyd Dennis Silcox 06/24/1943 568 Norma Road, Huntsville Link
Wendy Ann Simental 03/19/1973 1919 Mt. View Road, Robbins Link
Tyler Jacob Smith 10/30/1992 114 Oak Street, Helenwood Link
Greg D. Stephens 09/06/1970 3600 Upper Jellico Creek Road, Winfield Link
Dennis Allen Studer 05/20/1967 203 West 4th Street, Oneida Link
Anthony Wayne Terry 02/21/1973 873 New Light Circle, Winfield Link
David Lee Terry 11/29/1952 3735 Leatherwood Road, Oneida Link
Donnie Terry 01/07/1953 442 Ross Lane, Winfield Link
Larry Allen Watson 09/27/1961 659 Williams Creek Road, Oneida Link
Jeffery Scott Woodward 08/15/1965 1315 Litton Covered Bridge Road, Huntsville Link
Joseph Neyland Yaden 04/20/1962 179 Clay Boyatt Road, Oneida Link
Obie Wade Yancey 05/05/1977 157 Buttramtown Lane, Helenwood Link


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